Local Jo's Natural Foods:
Your Neighborhood Health Foods Store

Our mission & philosophy

As a local-family owned, independent health foods store, we support local farmers and local food producers by bridging the gap between them and our community by offering a one stop-shop of quality, local foods and other necessary consumer goods in a convenient retail setting.

We scrutinize the food and products we carry to ensure they fit our core value of retaining a natural, nutritionally dense, minimally processed, animal welfare approved, "clean" and or "organic" qualities for the purpose of optimal health benefits, high ethical standing, and environmental conservation concerns, of and for, ourselves and our customers.

from farm to table

We prioritize sourcing locally whenever possible, supporting our local economy and reducing environmental impact. Our meats are humanely raised, free from antibiotics, artificial growth hormones, and GMOs. Our produce is organic and spray-free, ensuring the highest quality and nutritional value. We also carry wild-caught seafood, raw milk, cheeses, supplements, and a wide array of organic and hard-to-find grocery items.

Our Curated Selection

We understand that everyone is on a different stage of their personal diet and health journey, so we carry a variety of products and allow our customers to choose what they believe is right for them.  

With that in mind, we specialize in carrying food items that are harder to find.  Food from small farms and small-batch food producers who grow, raise, and produce their products in a clean, natural manner, and with integrity.

Beyond the plate

We go beyond just food; we believe in holistic wellness for the body and mind. We carry natural ingredient, cruelty-free cosmetics, conscious skincare, eco-friendly household products, and high quality holistic supplements.  

We invite you to explore our carefully curated selection and join us in supporting a healthier, more sustainable future for ourselves and our planet.

My Story

I am "Local" Jo. I'm an owner who is very active in the everyday aspects of my business. You can catch me at the store most days, ringing people up and managing the place. I've been an avid learner of nutritious eating and all things health-related since around 2001.

I watched my beloved grandmother suffer and die from breast cancer while I was in my early 20s. She basically was my mother at the time. This led me down the rabbit hole of alternative health knowledge, amongst other things, with the help of the "early" internet at the time. I studied Entrepreneurship at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, and graduated in 2005. Before I graduated, I wrote up a business plan to start up my own healthy fast-food restaurant because I was tired of all the "crappy" food options everywhere.
Since I didn't have enough backing to start up my business at that time (or barely survive for that matter), I worked in various jobs over the years, including cell phone store management, and even a freight train conductor. When I was a train conductor, I was known amongst my coworkers for always bringing "healthy" lunches to work instead of getting food at convenience stores while working on the rail.

Once I became a mother for the first time, I resigned from that job to take care of my oldest daughter. Two and a half years later, I had my second daughter. I was able to give birth to both of my girls in a natural home water birth. Most of my nutritional mothering style follows the Westin A. Price traditions. My family and I decided to spontaneously move down to Charleston, SC, in 2021, while the whole world was in limbo. When I came down, it was my first time here, and I was surprised to find no mom & pop, health food stores (where you can get the real-good, hard-to-find things). We needed a job, so l wrote up the Local Jo's Natural Foods business plan, we gambled all we had and opened up shop!

My favorite activities besides healthy food and cooking are going to the beach, music, music festivals, dancing (I'm a trained ballroom/Latin dancer), horseback riding, surfing, skiing, and traveling (when I get the chance).

My husband & co-owner

This is Chad. The other owner and my better half. He's the one who told me to start this store up in the first place and he coined the name, "Local Jo's Natural Foods". He can be found at the store even more than me, ringing people up, receiving all the products that come in, and much more.

He likes to be a little mysterious, but I can tell you, he's an awesome guy. He has a funny sense of humor (if you're able to "get the joke"), dynamic energy, and he's very honest, and real. He's unusually good at fixing small electronic items, including computers and he's unusually good at remembering faces and prices. He's also a good singer. His interests are going to the beach (he's a beach bum from Delaware), playing old video games, watching old movies, and valuing his leisure time. He majored in chemistry at the University of Delaware.
Local Jo's Natural Foods Store. Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. Health Food Store. Charleston. Organic Food. Healthy food.
Local Jo's Natural Foods Store. Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. Health Food Store. Charleston. Organic Food. Healthy food.
Local Jo's Natural Foods Store. Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. Health Food Store. Charleston. Organic Food. Healthy food.
Local Jo's Natural Foods Store. Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. Health Food Store. Charleston. Organic Food. Healthy food.